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13A EU Plug Electricity Power Consumption Meter Socket

Availability: In stock 1 Year Warranty
Product Code: INBI-003

EU plug electricity power consumption meter socket measures the energy consumption up to 13A and running cost of any standard plug-in appliance.

Supports various parameter status including; power(W), energy (kWh), voltage, amps, power factor, cost and maximum power consumption.

Automatic calculation of electricity simultaneously measuring the electrical power consumption, voltage, current, time and other multi-function socket.

Ideal power consumption monitor of home appliances etc.

Operating voltage: 230VAC 50HZ
Operating current: max 13A
Wide voltage range: 230V-250V
Wattage display (Watts): 0W~2900W
Current display (Amps): 0A-13A
Power factor display (PF): 0PF-1PF
Total KWh and cost display: 0 COST/KWH - 99.99COST/KWH
Power consumption of the power meter socket: 0.5W