Enter a new era of network optimization with revolutionary technology, supported by exceptional traffic handling and fortified security.

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Elevating Network Performance:
Step into a new era of network optimization with the PICOADC-003, a revolutionary solution driven by Skudonet’s cutting-edge technology. This advanced traffic management appliance redefines the boundaries of network performance, scalability, and security, empowering enterprises to navigate the intricate landscapes of modern networking with unparalleled efficiency and confidence.
Unprecedented Traffic Handling:
Experience a quantum leap in traffic management with the PICOADC-003’s exceptional capabilities. Processing up to 200,000 L7 requests per second and an astounding 600,000 L4 HTTP requests per second, it ensures seamless traffic orchestration even under the most demanding conditions. With 8 million L4 concurrent connections and 350,000 L4 connections per second, organizations can optimize network resources and deliver an unmatched user experience.
Fortified Security Infrastructure:
Security is paramount, and the PICOADC-003 stands as a bastion of defense. Featuring hardware offload SSL/TLS support for RSA 15,000 TPS (2 Keys), it encrypts and decrypts data swiftly, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality. This robust security infrastructure shields sensitive information from potential cyber threats, empowering organizations with peace of mind in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
Powerhouse Hardware Configuration:
Driven by an 8-core processor and 64GB DDR memory, the PICOADC-003 delivers unparalleled processing power and responsiveness. With 512GB SSD storage, it offers ample space for data storage and retrieval, facilitating seamless operation in even the most demanding network environments.
Robust Construction and Compliance:
Built to endure the rigors of continuous operation, the PICOADC-003 features a rugged construction and complies with CE and UKCA standards. With an operating temperature range of -10°C to 50°C and storage temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, it thrives in challenging environments, ensuring reliability and stability in mission-critical operations.

This section describes the real-world performance with respect to different firewalls; showing details below. This will outline the technical specification & configurations required by a firewall administrator to operate and troubleshoot the hardware/software properly.


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