Revolutionize Network Performance: Unrivaled Scalability, Throughput, and Security

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Redefining Network Performance:
Step into the future of network traffic management with the PICOADC-002, an innovative solution powered by Skudonet. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, scalability, and security, the PICOADC-002 stands at the forefront of advanced traffic handling appliances, setting new benchmarks for network efficiency and reliability.
Advanced Traffic Handling:
With the capability to handle up to 100,000 L7 requests per second and 280,000 L4 HTTP requests per second, the PICOADC-002 ensures seamless traffic management even in the most demanding environments. Boasting 8 million L4 concurrent connections and 310,000 L4 connections per second, this appliance offers unmatched throughput, enabling organizations to optimize network performance and deliver a superior user experience.
Enhanced Security Features:
Security is paramount in today's digital landscape, and the PICOADC-002 doesn't disappoint. With hardware offload SSL/TLS support for RSA 10,000 TPS (2 Keys), organizations can encrypt and decrypt data with confidence, safeguarding sensitive information from potential threats and ensuring data integrity across the network.
Powerful Hardware Configuration:
Driven by a robust hardware configuration, the PICOADC-002 delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Equipped with a 6-core processor, 64GB DDR memory, and 512GB SSD storage, this appliance offers the processing power and storage capacity required to handle large volumes of traffic and support mission-critical applications with ease.
Versatile Connectivity Options:
Flexibility is key in modern networking, and the PICOADC-002 delivers with 8 gigabit ports and 4 gigabit fiber ports. Whether connecting to traditional copper-based networks or high-speed fiber-optic infrastructure, this appliance offers versatile connectivity options to meet the diverse needs of organizations across various industries.

This section describes the real-world performance with respect to different firewalls; showing details below. This will outline the technical specification & configurations required by a firewall administrator to operate and troubleshoot the hardware/software properly.


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