SIMCOM SIM7912G-M2 CAT12 600mbps M.2 4G Module

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SIM7912G-M2 is the LTE Cat 12 module which supports wireless communication modes of LTETDD/LTE-FDD/HSPA+. It supports maximum 600Mbps downlink rate and 75Mbps uplink rate. SIM7912G-M2 adopts M.2 form factor. It is easy for customers to integrate.
SIM7912G-M2 integrates multiple satellite high accuracy positioning GNSS systems, with multiple built-in network protocols, supports drivers for main operation systems (USB driver for Windows, Linux and Android etc.) and software function, AT commands are compatible with SIM7500/SIM7600/SIM7906 series modules. Meanwhile SIM7912G-M2 integrates main industrial standard interfaces, with powerful expansibility, including abundant interfaces such as UART, USB, GPIO, which is suitable for main IoT applications such
as telematics, surveillance devices, CPE, industrial routers, and remote diagnostics etc.
M.2 interface with strong compatibility
Suitable for LTE, HSPA+ networks with global coverage
Multi-constellation GNSS receiver support
Abundant software functions: FOTA, SSL, TLS
AT commands of SIM7912G-M2 are compatible with the SIM7500/SIM7600/SIM7906 series modules

This section describes the real-world performance with respect to different firewalls; showing details below. This will outline the technical specification & configurations required by a firewall administrator to operate and troubleshoot the hardware/software properly.


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